Typeform vs. Starred for surveys

Looking for an alternative to Typeform?

A cheap tool like Typeform prioritizes style over substance. With Starred you’ve got both. Here’s why.

1. “How much of this survey is left?”

Avoid the ‘black box’ feeling of Typeform’s never-ending surveys. Starred’s surveys are easy to build, look great and keep the experience easy and rewarding for your respondent.

  • Starred surveys are fully customisable, short and effective.
  • Optimized for all devices.
  • Long, boring surveys are dead. Make the experience personal with Starred. Let’s bring feedback back to a human scale.

“With an 80% response rate and extensive depth to the results we’re confident in turning insights into action.”

Salvatore Falgarini

Manager HR Core Processes HRIS

2. If you need to analyze your feedback data…

Starred dashboards and reporting gives you real, actionable insights. With Typeform you’ve basically only got an export of your results.

Starred is where opinion becomes data.

  • NPS means Analyze, segment and compare your feedback insights.
  • Understand satisfaction across your organisation: per location or brand, by manager or team member.
  • Action your insights based on priority: which improvements will have the highest impact? Typeform won’t tell you that.

3. An actual solution, not just a cheap tool.

Sending good-looking surveys is only one piece of the puzzle.

Starred gives you the whole picture:

  • Engaging surveys: customisable, branded, respondent-friendly
  • Actionable insights to grow your business
  • Integrations and automations to build feedback into your workflow

A feedback solution built to scale.

Starred brings your feedback to life.

Built to scale

Flexible API

Automate and Integrate feedback from- and back into all your systems

We help you leverage the full value of feedback data

Customer success

The extra mile: we’ll help align NPS to your business goals

Tailor-made setup, onboarding and training

Expertise in analysis and feedback strategy

Building accounts

Account structures to reflect your organisation

Send out and analyse feedback at any regional/brand/management level.

Unlimited # users. Feedback is for sharing.

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