A good survey isn’t complete without a good landing page to thank your respondent and tell them how you plan to follow up. Starred lets you follow up your surveys with customisable Thank-you landing pages. Tell your detractors you’ll fix the situation, leverage the support of your promoters.

Thank You (TY) pages on Starred are one of the best ways to personalise your surveys, allowing you in an automated way to adapt to your respondent’s sentiments and continue a dialogue with them. In this article we cover how TY pages work on Starred and offer our best practices for getting the most from these pages.

What is a Starred Thank You page?

Thank You pages are a key Starred feature whereby you can customise a landing page for your respondents to be shown after they have finished their survey.

First, you’ve got a general Thank-You page that can be shown to all respondents to your surveys.

As well as inserting custom text, our TY pages allow you to include a Button Link which can direct your respondents to a domain of your choice (perhaps your own website or LinkedIn or a referral domain).

To really get the most out of TY pages then make sure to include an NPS block in your survey. You’ll then be able to show custom TY pages for every NPS segment: one for Detractors (scores 0-6), one for Passives (7s and 8s), one for Promoters (9-10).

How to customise Thank You pages in 3 quick steps

It’s super easy to customise TY pages on Starred.

Step 1.

Head to your Company Settings and select Invitations

Step 2.

You’ll see that per NPS category of Detractor, Passive and Promoter (and in every language you might be offering your form) you have the options to customise:

  • a title
  • a message
  • a button link
  • a text for your button

Step 3.

After you’ve got your text reading exactly as you want it make sure to save your TY page. Also be sure to have a look at the Preview to see it from your respondent’s perspective.

Why are these pages important?

We think it’s important to have respondents land on a page after their survey which reflects the sentiments of their survey.

In old-fashioned surveys (the kind you’re hopefully no longer sending your customers!) you might remember those terrible popups that said something like Survey complete. You can close this tab. Well, no longer!

If your customer is unhappy you can thank them in a genuine way for giving honest feedback, that it will be taken seriously and that they can expect follow-up – that’s the quickest way to turn a Detractor into a Promoter.

How about Promoters? After they’ve taken the time to give you great ratings, you don’t just want to show them a default pop-up, surely? Why not capitalise on the good vibes and thank them for their great feedback, and ask them if they’d mind leaving you a review through the button below? Trust us, a lot will.

How to build a really great Thank You page

Behold! Here’s our treasure trove of best practices for getting the most out of our TY pages.

  • TY pages are added on a company level, so they will be shown as landing pages after all your surveys. Make sure they’re relevant to all the feedback forms you have running.
  • If you’re using different tones of voice across multiple feedback forms make sure to keep your TY page(s) fairly neutral.
  • Be humble in your text and remember to thank your respondent for taking the time, however they’ve rated you.
  • Button links to forward respondents to your website, news or referral portals – wherever you choose – can have a UTM source tacked on the end of the URL. This way you’ll know that your traffic is coming from Starred. Handy, right? 💡
  • For your Detractors and Passive scorers we’d always recommend using the TY page to tell them that their feedback is taken seriously, and that you’ll let them know what you’ve done with their feedback. Make sure you can live up to your promises: Once you say you’ll follow up with people, you’ve got to do it!
  • Bonus follow-up tip Building groups in Starred based on NPS scores is super easy, and after grouping together all your respondents who voted a certain way you can easily generate a list of people who you can loop back to with improvements to your product and service. That’s what we call closing the feedback loop 👌
  • Always, always use the preview to see how your clients are going to see the TY page. Put yourself in your respondent’s shoes.
  • For all you feedback overachievers: Want to close the gap between feedback invitation and someone leaving you a review? You can have NPS Promoters (9s and 10s) skip the feedback form altogether after clicking through your invitation email, and send them on to your TY page. Get in touch with us for more info on this!