The succes of an organisation depends largely on its employees. Employee feedback is therefore incredibly valuable to continuously improve and grow the business. But how can you continuously improve when employee feedback is traditionally only collected once a year?

Continuous and real-time insights Starred HR offers you continuous and real-time insights into employee experience, by replacing or combining your yearly employee research with short and sweet feedback forms. Customise the short questions based on the topics that are relevant for your company. So as far as we’re concerned, traditional annual employee satisfaction research is outdated, continuous and real-time insights into employee happiness should be the standard. This way, employee feedback offers more than just a snapshot of your organisation and serves as the foundation for continuous improvement.

Anonymity guaranteed Starred HR encourages open and honest feedback. We believe that being able to provide feedback anonymously encourages this honest feedback. Therefore, we guarantee the anonymity of the feedback in the following ways:

  • Individual feedback is not visible in the dashboard. This way, no user on Starred is able to see who submitted what feedback; The ratings on the overall dashboard only become visible when a minimum of 7 respondents have submitted their feedback. When less than 7 responses are given, the results on the dashboard aren’t shown;
  • When you use the grouping feature on Starred HR, the results of each segment/group only become visible when a minimum of 7 respondents in this group have submitted their feedback;
  • The comments given to a rating are anonymised as well and are shown in random order, to prevent people from figuring out who submitted the comment;
  • Date and time of the submitted feedback are not shown and firefight notification emails are not sent to the sender of the invitation. This way, the sender doesn’t know when feedback is submitted.

Fast, easy & refreshing

Of course, the Starred guiding principle of all questions on one single-page also applies to Starred HR. In addition, the submit feedback button is always in sight, to maximise the response rate. We want to inspire you with example questions that are refreshing and differ from the norm. And by customising the invitation and feedback form to your company’s look and feel, giving feedback is fun again!