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All plans include

  • Personal invitations

    We achieve the highest response rates in the market thanks to our super-personal invitation, which includes the first question already asked in the email.

  • Respondent-friendly surveys

    Easy to make and easy for your respondent to give feedback. Engage your respondents with simple, effective survey design and ready-to-use questions.

  • Priority Matrix

    In case of negative feedback a ‘firefight’ email will be sent to the right person to be able to solve issues immediately.

  • Real-time dashboards

    Get a complete picture of your company’s status. Here’s where opinions become data. All scores are real-time, comparable per client group with the right benchmarks.

  • Fully responsive

    The right priorities per client group in one matrix view to allow you to increase client loyalty the fastest way.

  • Unlimited users

    Collaborate with an unlimited amount of colleagues and manage access with user management.

Frequently asked questions

Great that you’re interested in testing our platform! First reach out to us to plan a demo - we want to make sure we understand your challenges and can help you get the most out of working with feedback. After the demo we can set up a 30-day trial for you, free of charge.

None at all. As soon as you pay for a plan you're ready to "get Starred" right away!

You only commit to Starred for the duration of your license period: on a month-to-month basis or annually. If you cancel your subscription you will be billed for the period you originally agreed to, and you won't be billed again after that. If you pay annually, make sure you cancel up to one month before renewal.

Paying for Starred is as simple as entering your credit card details. We accept all of the major credit cards. Your credit card is charged for the plan you select and will automatically renew on your desired billing cycle (monthly or annually). Invoicing is offered upon request when you purchase an annual subscription. We bill in the currencies offered here on our website.

You can invite as many users to your account as you like. There's also no limit on the number of admins per account. This is because we believe that feedback should be accessible to as many people in your organisation as possible.

Starred is about continuous feedback. We're in it for the long run and we hope you are too. If you commit to Starred for a year upfront, we'll give you two months for free. In practice, that means that you're bagging a 17% discount per month, meaning you can collect valuable customer insights on a very smart budget! Do you belong to an educational or non-profit organisation with a valid accreditation (e.g. ANBI)? If so, then we offer a discount on every annual plan. Interested? Contact us for details!

No worries, we'll never automatically charge you anything extra without your prior approval. We will send you a notification when nearing the limits of your plan, so you can decide on upgrading your plan or add a specific feature, like additional groups or more invitation volume.

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