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It’s not rocket science. Our solutions gain the highest response rates in the market. Why? With Starred you’re making giving feedback fun and fulfilling.

“With an 80% response rate and extensive depth to the results we’re confident in turning insights into action.”

Salvatore Falgarini
Manager HR Core Processes

Actionable Data

Get the insights you need to drive decisions with impact. Starred’s dashboards let you deep-dive into segmented results, as well as compare and benchmark company-wide.

Built to scale

Leverage the full power of feedback by seamlessly integrating Starred into your system. CRMs, support desk software, ATS: with our extensive API we’ve got you covered.

Feedback benefits all your stakeholders

Insights to improve your employee journey


Track your employee satisfaction on company- and department level.

HR Manager

Have data drive your strategic planning.

People Manager

Increases employee engagement and improve team performances.


Optimizes your candidate journey based on real-time feedback.

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