An engaged employee is a happy employee

Get realistic, continuous feedback insights about your employee satisfaction.

We turn you into a company people want to work for and work with

Start enjoying the benefits of engaged teams


Increased by +20%.


Improves by +40%.

Sick leave

Decreases by 41%.

More Ambassadors

Your best promoters are your own employees.

Happy Customers

Customers will never love you until your employees love you first.

Feedback benefits all your stakeholders

Insights to improve your employee journey


Track your employee satisfaction on company- and department level.

HR Manager

Have data drive your strategic planning.

People Manager

Increases employee engagement and improve team performances.


Optimizes your candidate journey based on real-time feedback.


Happy colleagues make for a happy organization.


Tailored to your needs

We receive a wide variety of HR requests, from "I'd like to measure our entire employee journey," to "I want to receive feedback from my 1000 other colleagues." We've found that with Starred HR there's no one-size-fits-all. Help us understand your needs and the way you want to use feedback, and we'll give you a better indication of which pricing plan fits your requirements.

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