Customer satisfaction survey

When you offer your clients the possibility to purchase your products/services online, it’s most important to know how they experience your shop. What are their wishes and needs? And does your webshop meet these? Important aspects as the product offer, the look & feel, ordering and delivery, but also the communication can be measured through one of our webshop questionnaires.

We created two example questionnaires:

Webshop – Short and Webshop – Long.

Webshop – Short exists of three question blocks; it’s a short form with twelve questions. These are mostly focussed on the purchase, with the CES-question as the most important question: “How much effort did you personally have to put forth to purchase your order?”

You can find this short feedback form here, in our SurveyStore.

Below you can find the longer feedback form. This form exists of six blocks with more in-depth questions. The most important question in this form is the NPS-question: “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or a colleague?”

Don’t forget that this form is an example and can be changed when needed. You can find the code ‘%company’ in a few questions, this is automatically linked to the company name you’ve added in Starred.


When collecting information about the wishes and needs of your clients, it’s valuable to ask questions about the following subjects:

Recommendation – the Net Promotor Score-question General questions about your company Product offer Website Purchase Communication

The offered SurveyStore forms are always ready-to-use. When interested in the Webshop – Long form, you can find it here. You can place it into your (trial) account right away.

Net Promotor Score

How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or a colleague?

Your best advice to us:


How would you rate %company in general?

  1. Reliable – %company meets all the made appointments
  2. Original – %company is innovative and original
  3. Service – I feel that %company aims for the best service
  4. Recognizable – I know what %company can do for me

Product offer

How would you rate the product on the following aspects?

  1. Diversity in products – %company offers a wide range of different products
  2. Quality of products – The products that are offered are of high quality
  3. Stock of products – The products are always plenty in stock
  4. Worth my money – The price/quality balance of the products is as expected
  5. Product information – The product description is correct and contains the information I’m looking for


The website of %company…

  1. Is easy to access – It is easy for me to find what I’m looking for on the website
  2. Works fast – The website loads easily and works fast
  3. Is intuitive – The website works intuitive and is easy to use
  4. Offers the right information – The website is correct and contains the information I’m looking for


How would you rate the following aspects of your purchase?

  1. Payment – The webshop offers the right payment possibilities and it is easy to pay
  2. Delivery time – The delivery time was as communicated
  3. Delivery – The delivery of the ordered products was done correctly
  4. Returning – Returning the products was easy


The communication and customer service around my order is…

  1. Clear – The received information around my order offers the right insights
  2. Enough – I am updated enough about the status of my order
  3. Within reach – It is easy for me to get in touch with the right person.
  4. Friendly – The customer service agents are friendly and accessible in their approach
  5. Skilled – The customer service agents have the right knowledge and skills

Almost ready!

We hope we offered you a clear idea of the questionnaire. Don’t forget that you can adjust the questionnaire after placing it in your (trial) account. After completing the form, you can also create your own invitation e-mail and ‘thank you-page’ in your own look & feel. This makes the survey a lot more personal and more fun for the client to fill in!