One of the most important aspects when organising an event, is the feeling you want the visitors to have when leaving the event: satisfied and surprised. Did you meet their expectations? Or are there aspects you need to improve before your next event? No need to say that it’s very important to get to know if your visitors have had a positive feeling about the event. You can use this short questionnaire to find out!


When collecting feedback about your event, it’s important to ask questions about the following aspects in your survey:

  • Location
  • Organisation
  • Content
  • Program
  • What has stuck in their memory?
  • Recommendation value (Net Promoter Score)

In Starred it’s possible to directly use these questions in a form. For example by taking a look in our SurveyStore, where you can find an Event Evaluation example form. You can use this form as inspiration, or directly place it into your (trial)account.

We will explain which aspects will be treated per subject. The text below in Italics is the informative subscription per question. You are able to adjust these questions, to make sure the questions fit your business even more.


The venue of the event was…

  1. Accessible – How was the accessibility of the venue?
  2. Comfortable – How was the seating? How was the view? Could you hear the speakers clearly?
  3. Original – Did you find the venue surprising?
  4. Attractive – Did the image of the venue contribute to the atmosphere of the event?
  5. Looked-after – Were things like food and drinks, toilets, cloakroom etc. properly taken care of?


Your feedback on…

  1. Registration – How was the process of registration, including confirmation, reminder etc.?
  2. Reception – Thinks of aspects like reception, handling of your badge, routing, signing etc.?
  3. Information – How was the information on the program, location, directions and timing?
  4. Technical support – How do you rate connectivity (WiFi, mobile), audiovisual support etc?
  5. Service – How was the service of catering, bar and cloakroom staff?


Your feedback on…

  1. Interaction – To what extend was the crowd involved in the program?
  2. Standards – Did the content of the event meet your expectations?
  3. Inspiration – Did you find the event inspiring?
  4. Information – Did you learn anything new at the event?
  5. Networking – Was there enough opportunity to speak to other delegates?


  1. Moderator – How do your rate te moderator/chair person of the event?
  2. Total Time – What did you think of the length of the event?
  3. Session/Speaker 1 – How do you rate Session/Name?
  4. Session/Speaker 2 – How do you rate Session/Name?
  5. Session/Speaker 3 – How do you rate Session/Name?

What has struck them the most?

These are open questions:

  • Looking back at the event, what struck you as most positive?
  • And what struck you as most negative?

Recommendation (Net Promoter Score)

How likely is it that you will recommend us to a friend or colleague?

  • When given a 6 or less: What should be improved in order for you to recommend us?
  • When given a 7 or 8: What should we do differently to get a 9 or 10?
  • When given a 9 or 10: What makes us a 9? / What makes us a 10?

Your general feedback on us: open question

Start immediately

We hope we’ve made you enthusiastic about this questionnaire. Next to our clear feedback forms, we from Starred are not a standard feedback tool. We have a clear vision on why you should make your customer’s satisfaction your priority and how to ask for their feedback:

  • A very personal invitation for feedback
  • Our questionnaires always fit one page and has the Send feedback button always in sight; so no unexpected surprises for your customers. This creates a positive experience and a very high response rate.
  • In case a customer is very negative, you will directly be informed about this. Through these firefight notifications you are able to quickly fix the problem and recover the relationship with your customer!
  • You are able to link back to the customer on how you used their feedback, completely automated (but still super personal). And immediately hear from your customers if they experience the made changes as positive!

Directly send an Event Evaluation survey via our 30 day-trial. Click here to start your 30 day trial.