As an Employment Agency your service is focused in two ways: on one hand you work together with employers that need an organisation to meet their wishes and needs. On the other hand you are the link between the employers and employees. Are aspects as the contact with the Accountmanager and the offered Employers experienced as wanted? Find our by sending them the “Employment Agency – Employers” form.

Besides asking the employers for feedback, we created a form for a parallel research: a form for the employees feedback. This form, “Employment Agency – Employees”, can be found here in our SurveyStore?

In this blog we focus on the Employers form. The form exists of six blocks with in-depth questions per subject. The most important question in this form is the NPS-question: “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or a colleague?”. Don’t forget that this form is just an example, and it’s adjustable to fit your needs! Some questions contain the code “%company”, which is automatically linked to the company name you’ve added in Starred.


When you want to collect information about the wishes and needs of your clients, the Employers, it’s very valuable to ask about the following subjects:

  • Recommendation – the Net Promotor Score-question
  • Organisation
  • Agent
  • Employees
  • Service
  • Administration

The SurveyStore forms are ready-to-use. When you want to use the Employment Agency – Employers form, you can find it here. You can view it and directly add it to your (trial)account.

Net Promotor Score

How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or a colleague?

Your best advice for us:


I consider the organisation %company to be…

  1. Customer focused – %company has its focus on me as employer
  2. Aiming for the best result – %company’s goal is to work for the best results for me
  3. Reliable – %company always meets our agreements
  4. Flexible – %company is compliant and adjusts to my demand


My agent within %company…

  1. Is committed – My agent reaches out to me actively and offers me new ideas
  2. Understands my needs – My agent understands my business and the market I’m operating in
  3. Is reliable – My agent meets his/her agreements
  4. Is competent – My agent has the right knowledge and skills

Temporary employee

How would you rate the Temporary Employee offered by %company on the following aspects:

  1. Number of employees – %company offers enough possible candidates
  2. Quality of employees – The employees are mostly skilled and suitable
  3. Fits with my organisation – The employees fit my organisation and connect easily
  4. Potential hire in my company – I would consider hiring the employee on a regular base in my company


How would you rate the following aspects of the service offered by %company?

  1. Selection procedure – The selection procedure runs smoothly and as desired
  2. Quality – %company always offers qualitative skilled employees
  3. Guidance during process – %company helps and guides the employees well during the integration process
  4. Clear communication – %company is clear in its communication


Are the following aspects of the administrative process as desired?

  1. Invoicing – The invoices are clear and correct
  2. Speed – The administrative process is fast and correct
  3. Availability – %company is easily reached when I have questions or problems

Almost ready!

We hope that we gave you a clear idea of the questionnaire. Remember that you can adjust the questionnaire after placing it in your (trial)account. You are also able to create your own invitation and ‘Thank you-page’ with you own look and feel. This will make the questionnaire a lot more personal and more fun for your client to fill in!