When you offer your customers the possibility to rate your company positively or negatively, it’s important to seriously get working with the feedback you receive and show that you want to use this to improve. Both as a prevention and during the resolving phase.

You can use this questionnaire if you want to measure how your customers feel about the complaint evaluation of your company.  Customers are more demanding nowadays when it comes to communication and effort, and want to see their problems solved easily. That is what makes your goal: Creating a positive experience for the customer, both to prevent complaints and while you make them feel you’re solving the problem!

Below you will find a questionnaire created by Starred. The subjects, aspects and informative questions are mentioned below. Don’t forget that this is an example form that doesn’t have to be used in the original style, you can change it when needed. In the questions you will find %company, which automatically links to your company name.


When collecting feedback with complaints or compliments it’s important to use the following subjects:

  • Amount of Effort – Customer Effort Score
  • Solution
  • Contact

In our Starred platform we made it possible for you to directly use the questionnaires from the SurveyStore with example forms. You can have a look at this questionnaire here and immediately place it into your (trial)account or start (test-)inviting people.

Customer Effort Score

How much effort did you personally have to put forth to solve your complaint?


The proposed solution is…

  1. Adequate – Do you think the speed of handling your complaint is acceptable?
  2. Effective – To what extent is the offered solution an actual solution to your complaint?
  3. Comprehensible – Do you understand the explanation of the proposed solution?
  4. Acceptable – To what extent does the offered solution reflect the inconvenience you encountered?


During the contact about my complaint, the employee of %company was…

  1. Professional – To what extent was the employee knowledgeable?
  2. Proactive – Did the employee sufficiently inform you on the status and progress of the complaint?
  3. Understanding – Was the employee understanding?
  4. Solution driven – To what extent did the employee try to find the best solution for you?
  5. Clear – To what extent was the communication (style & language) clear for you?

Almost ready!

We hope we offered you a clear idea of the questionnaire. Don’t forget that you can adjust the questionnaire after placing it in your (trial)account. After completing the form, you can also create your own invitation e-mail and ‘thank you-page’ in your own look & feel. This makes the survey a lot more personal and more fun for the client to fill in!

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