When you have worked on a campaign for a client, it’s very important to know how your campaign scored and how the client experienced the cooperation. When you often run campaigns, it’s important to receive feedback so you know if you need to improve. And most important: if your client has a positive feeling about the campaign. This can be measured through a short questionnaire. An example of a campaign evaluation questionnaire can be found here  in the Starred SurveyStore. The example form can directly be placed into your (trial)account, or sent out to your customers right away.


When collecting feedback about your event, it’s important to add the following subjects:

  • Pre-campaign
  • Execution
  • Live
  • Post-campaign
  • Recommendation question (NPS)

Every subject has its own aspects and contains different questions. Below you can find all the subjects, aspects and questions. You are always able to customise the questions and the form, to make sure it fits your business best.


%company’s proposal was …

  1. On time – Was %company’s proposal on time?
  2. According to briefing – Was %company’s proposal according to briefing?
  3. Competitive – Was %company’s  proposal well priced compared to competitors?
  4. Follow up – Did %company follow up well on questions and comments?
  5. Well-reasoned – How was the reasoning/argumentation of the proposal?


Your feedback on …

  1. Agreement – The agreements in the contract were clear.
  2. Specs – The specs of the deliverables were clear
  3. Delivery materials – How did the process of delivering the materials took place?
  4. Support – How was the support during the launch of the campaign?
  5. Campaign launch – Was the campaign launched on time?


Your feedback on …

  1. Delivery – Has the campaign been delivered on schedule?
  2. Reporting – How was the reporting during the campaign?
  3. Optimization – When needed, was optimization implemented during the campaign?
  4. Pro-activity – Did %company take initiative during the campaign?


Your feedback on …

  1. Final reporting – How was the reporting at the end of the campaign carried out?
  2. Achieving goals –  Have campaign goals been achieved?
  3. Value for money – Did the campaign give you value for money?
  4. Next steps – Did %company initiate next steps following on the campaign?

Recommendation value (Net Promoter Score)

How likely is it that you will recommend us to a friend or colleague?

  • When given a 0 – 6: What should be improved in order for you to recommend us?
  • When given a 7 / 8: What should we do differently to get a 9 or 10?
  • When given a 9 / 10: What makes us a 9? / What makes us a 10?

Your valuable tip for us: (open question)

We hope we made you enthusiastic about using this questionnaire! Starred is not your average feedback tool; we have a clear vision on and experience with feedback and how you can use your client’s feedback in the right way:

  • A very personal invitation
  • Our questionnaires always fit on one page with the Send feedback button visible in your screen: so no surprises for your clients. This will create a positive experience for your clients when giving feedback, and will result in a very high response rate.
  • In case a client is very negative, you will directly be notified. This firefight notification will make sure you’re able to fix your client’s complaint right away!
  • You can give your client a completely automated (but still personal) update on what happened to his or her feedback. You can ask your clients for new feedback afterwards to make sure that the made changes are experienced as positive!

Click here to check out this Campaign Evaluation questionnaire in the Starred SurveyStore and start evaluating your campaigns right away!

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