Customer satisfaction survey

Sending out the first feedback batch is exciting. They are your valuable customers after all and spamming them is the least you want to do. Therefore we thought we might share some tips to take away the first feedback fever.

Our top priority is to make Starred fabulously user-friendly. Surely, sending out the first feedback batch remains exciting. They are your valuable clients after all, and spamming them is the least you want to do. Therefore we thought we might share a short checklist to ease the first feedback round.

TimingResearch tells that the best time to send out a business-to-business email is on a Tuesday or Wednesday between 13:00 and 15:00. We can wholeheartedly confirm this telling from when Starred feedback invites are most often being opened. Apparently, people drift off around that hour. You help them pass their time, and get high response rates in return. If that’s not win-win, then what it!

SenderAnother such tip for getting higher responses is to let the feedback invite come from someone your client has been in contact with. This way, you not only add a human face but also one that is familiar. Your client understands that you are truly committed to listening what he or she has to say.

Tone of voice

C’est le ton qui fait la music. Starred gives you the opportunity to edit the feedback invitation. Use it! This invitation marks the beginning of a continuing open dialogue with your clients, and the way you address them should correspond to that. Rule of thumb is to keep it short and simple, including a note that it takes 2 minutes at max.

ReminderFinally, those who have not yet responded to your feedback invitation will receive one automatic reminder 6 days later. Most clients, who would like to give feedback but forget about it due to their busy schedules, gratefully make use of this reminder. If you don’t think this reminder is appropriate for your customer-group, you can de-activate it.

Good luck and let’s get Starred!